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Alto Praha develops and sale software solutions for restaurants and hotels.

Alto Praha
R Keeper is a company which provides computer systems and solutions for hotels and restaurants.
R Keeper
Axon sales points of sale (POS) to restaurants in Slovakia. Axon is the distributor of Micros-Fidelio in Slovakia.
Micros Israel, which markets points of sale (POS) to the retail market, is a subsidiary of global Micros, which has more than 200,000 clients around the world.
Micros Israel
The company xpert provides computerization solutions, support and service to businesses.
R.S.D. Electronic Systems, Ltd. is a knowledge-rich company in the retail sector (hardware and software) providing solutions for points of sale, back office and external interfaces.
R.S.D. Electronic Systems, Ltd
Waiters, a school for waiters and hospitality culture, which was founded by Real Time and Ramat HaGolan Wineries, is the first and only school for professional waiters in Israel.