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ClickATable: The innovative management tool from Restorun Reservation & Customer Management

The On-Line Seating System Where All Reservations Click into Place

Interactive Restaurant Seating in Real-Time

ClickATable allows your customers to take the initiative in reserving tables at your establishment, day or night, with a simple mouse click. They choose the time and size of the party, along with other preferences (like nonsmoking or handicapped access), and ClickATable chooses the best available table(s). Whether the reservation is made 20 minutes ahead or 20 days in advance, the guests receive an instant response that their reservations are secured.

The entire transaction takes only seconds... quicker and simpler than a phone call.

  • Automatic Response
  • Easy and Versatile
  • New Efficiency in Management

  • For more information on ClickATable and a free demonstration, please contact us

    A picture of the restaurant at all times
    Table organization
    Reservation management
    Customer management
    Reservations via the Internet
    Automatic placement
    Waiting lists
    Supports multiple workstations
    Report production